Her Words: Parenting with a Chronic Illness


Birth worker and parent, Lindsey Bliss, shares how parenting with a chronic illness feels like a rollercoaster and how she’s learned to nourish herself—and her family.

Her Words: A Prayer to the Body

Model and actress Kate Stone shares her experience with digestive issues and how she began using prayer and the power of the mind to find healing in her body

Her Words: Healing the Body-Mind in Chronic Illness

I was fourteen years old at the pool wearing my first bikini. It was light purple and white striped with just enough padding to make me look like I had some semblance of breasts. I was days away from beginning my first day of public high school and already swimming in the discomfort  of vulnerability. […]

Her Words: What I Drink First Thing in the Morning and Why It Matters

While some people never think twice about starting their day with a big cup of coffee, if you’ve wanted to explore different ways to nourish your body, you might ask yourself, ‘What should I drink first thing in the morning?’ When it came to managing my gut health after being diagnosed with multiple food intolerances, […]

Her Words: My Experience with Lyme Disease

I don’t talk that often about having Lyme. It’s such a part of who I am that I’m not sure where I stop and the Lyme begins. Lyme is tricky that way—she gets under your skin and invades your systems. She takes over control and makes you say and do and feel things that aren’t […]