Finding our Peace and Calm

About This Event

Join us in this webinar to hear from Triva Ponder, licensed psychotherapist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, on finding our inner peace and calm, techniques to soothe the nervous system, and ways to reduce our daily anxieties.


Zoom Online Event

About The Host

Triva Ponder


Trivia is a licensed therapist (LMFT)and the president of InnerFreedom. She has additionally completed a year of training in Gestalt with the Pacific Gestalt Institute and is certified as a CBT-TEAM practitioner. She incorporates psychodynamic and mindfulness features based on a client-centered approach, in a non-judgmental, collaborative process. She has been participating in mindful, silent retreats since the 1990s, with additional training in somatic studies and mindfulness. With couples, she uses elements from the Gottman Method, Bowen Theory, family systems and Non-Violent Communication techniques. She specializes in counseling, coaching, individual therapy, couples therapy, communication skills, spiritual psychology, and mindfulness.