Reconnecting with Yourself Through Breathwork

About This Event

The stress of post-pandemic life is not easy, but one of the best ways to get back to who you truly are is through the breath.

This one-hour session will ground the nervous system, promote relaxation, and even help you gain more clarity in your life.

Breathwork is having a moment in the wellness world. Still, this ancient tradition that combines yogic breathing with aspects of mindfulness and meditation has helped people around the globe for centuries.

You will leave this hour feeling more grounded in your body, relaxed, and able to focus on the life energy moving you forward.


About The Host

Kiesha Yokers

Certified Breathwork Teacher

Kiesha Yokers is a breathwork teacher, wellness writer, and clean beauty junkie. She provides breathwork sessions, non-toxic product guides, and wellness lifestyle content to empower her readers. Kiesha’s passion is to help women navigate the sometimes-confusing world of non-toxic living with clarity and confidence.