Greatness is within us.

Superbloom provides a holistic mind-body approach to mental health. Together, we’ll thrive.


Our mental health resources are developed to encourage and bolster emotional wellness. Superbloom is here to support you feeling balanced in mind and body.

Your mind is unique. Your mental health care should be too.

Superbloom provides one-on-one therapy sessions geared toward your specific needs, letting you select your package based on number of sessions and budget. We are community-oriented and offer mind-body resources with articles, forums and workshops to support your journey of finding your frequency. Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, a chronic condition or are seeking to elevate your emotional wellness, you’ll find a way to shine with Superbloom.

“We believe in the power of mind-body solutions for emotional wellbeing. Our personalized, clinically-backed approach is built to empower our members.”

Erin Berman


Discover a Supportive Community

We’ve built a private online community where you can talk about your conditions, and discover relevant health information through our forums and resources. Together, we’ll thrive.

Mental Health on Your Terms

We’ve all got our problems. Superbloom is the best place to select an emotional wellness plan that works for your time and budget from our offerings of group workshops, Super Circle cohorts, and 1-1 therapy all guided by compassionate and experienced therapists.

Educational Resources for Mind-Body Support

Our content is created by wellness experts and community members who have gone through physical and mental health challenges of their own. Explore our Journal and join our workshops for guidance on movement, nutrition and mindfulness. Because emotional wellbeing is so much more than mental!


At Superbloom, we know that none of our members share the same health journey. No two stories are the same, and no two bodies are either. That’s why we believe in building a platform that empowers you to take control of your mental health to feel your best self – today and every day.

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