How to Use the Power of Words to Manifest Lasting Change

Nikki Noorian

Superbloom Contributor
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When it comes to manifesting lasting changes in your life, it’s often not enough to just want those things to happen. You also need to take action by influencing the things you can control: Your words are one of them. With the world constantly changing, you may feel stuck or exhausted or unsure of how to move forward.

However, when you use the power of words to speak your desires aloud with the intention to manifest change, the law of attraction goes to work. This philosophy says that one of the ways we can attract what we want in life is by focusing on it. The power of words is a critical part of that attraction. Ready to give it a try? Start with these steps.

1. Speak positivity over yourself and others

How we speak to ourselves and others influences what we project to the world—and what we attract. Use social media and interactions with family and friends to share messages of love and encouragement. Then, give that same positive feedback to yourself, which can feel especially difficult (because we’re often so critical of ourselves). You’re more likely to draw good things to you if you’re putting out graciousness and good energy, instead of cruelty and negativity.

2. Talk about the things you want to happen as if they already exist

Here’s where the law of attraction meets the power of words: By speaking your intentions aloud, you naturally draw opportunities to you and respond to them in positive ways. It may feel awkward to put this into practice at first, but by putting positive thoughts and words into the universe, you create momentum to attract the things you want.

3. Recite positive mantras throughout the day

We’ve all been there: Life seems to be moving backwards, and a negative narrative starts to replay in our minds. That’s the power of words working against you. Instead, make it a habit to recite self-affirmations, like, “I’m capable and equipped to do the job,” or “Every problem has a solution.” When you replace unproductive phrases with positive ones, you may feel more empowered to reframe your mindset back to your goals and a place of positivity.

4. Keep certain words out of your vocabulary

Phrases such as “I hate” or “I can’t” may not serve the interest of your goals and can carry a negative energy that can affect you mentally and physically. Next time you’re stuck in “mean talk,” think about how you can use the power of words to change the conversation. When you stop using less helpful phrases, you can shift your perspective, which can impact your actions, relationships, and more in a positive way.

5. Amp up the energy of your positive words

Now that you’ve replaced negative words, it’s time to think about what positive words you are using. While using words like “good,” “well,” or “fine” are positive, try to use more energized descriptions. Instead of saying you had a good weekend, offer up more meaningful adjectives, such as productive, exciting, or restorative. Using the power of words can help reinforce your already positive thoughts.

6. Say the things you’re thankful for

You may write down the things you’re thankful for, but rarely do you speak them aloud, unless you’re reciting them at the Thanksgiving table. Make it a ritual to say those things daily to a friend or family member or even to yourself in the mirror. It’s an exercise in self-love and gratitude for what you have right now, even though you’re looking toward the future.

As you embark on your journey towards more positive thinking and manifesting change in your life through the power of words, practice these strategies regularly so they become your new normal. If you’ve found a technique that works for you, share it with the Superbloom community. We’d love to learn from you.

Nikki Noorian

Superbloom Contributor
Nikki Noorian is passionate about making people feel their best inside and out through sharing stories. She loves exploring the beauty and wellness space to learn and share tips, tricks, and helpful routines. When not working, she can be found enjoying the peaceful buzz of her local cafe and spending Saturdays in the park with friends.
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