Superwomen in Wellness: MJ Renshaw, Founder of Earth Oil

Emma Chozick

Superbloom Contributor
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Welcome to Superwomen in Wellness, where we sit down with inspiring female leaders paving the way in the wellness space.

We chatted with MJ Renshaw, Founder of Earth Oil. MJ shares her daily ritual and skin secrets while giving us a glimpse into how her connection with nature shapes her life and business. 

Tell us about yourself.

I’m the founder of Earth Oil and I also work as a medium. I’m passionate about nature, soil, and anatomy and usually have several books on the go. 

Do you have any wellness rituals? What are they?

My favourite wellness rituals right now are running, laughing on the phone with my best friend, and planning the garden with my partner. I do spiritual rituals every morning to prepare myself for the day. 

How does your day typically begin?

It starts very early for us. We get up at 4:45am and my partner does chi-gong while I study A Course In Miracles, prepare coffee for us, and usually run on the treadmill. 

What are your current self-care routines and how do you show up for yourself? 

I love cooking a big nourishing meal, doing a raw honey face mask, listening to Alice Coletrane, and making sure I have fun and laugh. I also like to orgasm once a day—it’s good for your skin. 

What’s one aspect of your body that’s taken you time to learn to love?

My brain! I have had several concussions and also struggled with mental illness a lot when I was in my 20’s. Learning to love my brain’s differences and needs has been so healing for me. Learning what helps it feel safe and also how I can push it past fears. One of the best things I have ever done is developing a practice of going inward and doing work there. 

What inspired you to launch Earth Oil?

I had been making the product for myself for a while and loved it so much. It felt selfish to keep it a secret from the world. 

Is there a story behind the name Earth Oil?

The bacteria that I use in the product is shown to help humans feel connected to the Earth! I wanted to create a product for city folk that could offer them nature at home. 

You grew up on a farm, how do you think these surroundings as a child shaped you and your brand?

A deep, deep appreciation for nature. We spent a lot of time outside in the forest or around animals. It was just so magical! I think a lot of the answers we are looking for are in nature.

What’s your superpower?

My heart and my partner.

What’s something special happening in your life right now that you’d be excited to share with our community? 

I’m currently cooking a tomato sauce and the smell is heaven. Always add more garlic to any recipe and eat the food that makes you feel happy. 

Emma Chozick

Superbloom Contributor
Emma Chozick is excited by all things unconventional! She is inspired by brands that are built on a purpose and loves interviewing amazing women. You can find Emma hosting dinner parties which usually end in takeout, soaking up the Miami sun, and daydreaming about ’70s furniture and design.
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