Top 6 Resources and Tips for Battling Lyme Disease

Nikki Noorian

Superbloom Contributor
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With more than 300,000 yearly reported cases to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Lyme disease, an illness that occurs when you’re bitten by an infected tick, is more common than you think. But it can also be hard to detect—symptoms can range from headaches and skin rashes to swollen joints and facial palsy. Although Yale researchers have taken an interest in studying this illness, it’s still somewhat invisible.

Celebrities Amy Schumer and Bella Hadid have forced the conversation about Lyme by sharing their own diagnoses, experiences, and struggles. Because unfortunately, many womxn are often left to forge their own path to healing. Being active in Lyme forums is one way to stay informed about treatments and research, so you can be equipped to advocate for your health and wellbeing. Here are a few you should know about:

1. CDC

The CDC is a comprehensive, reliable Lyme forum to seek information regarding disease statistics, diagnostic methods, treatment, and prevention. This resource is a go-to, if you think you might have been infected.

2. Mayo Clinic

This informative Lyme forum focuses on helping you detect common and rare signs and symptoms, understand causes and risk factors, and it even has helpful short videos about research and prevention.

3. American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF)

The ALDF is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Lyme disease by providing reputable scientific research and findings. Within this Lyme forum, you can read up on myths about Lyme, alternate tick-borne infections, recent news, and find a doctor.


In addition to offering a wealth of information regarding symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment, this Lyme forum also offers access to a physicians directory, connection to online support groups, financial assistance resources, and a newsletter. As a non-profit, they also promote patient advocacy and treatment while working to fund research.


This Lyme forum emphasizes the need for sharing stories, experiences, and disease data to crowd-source information and fuel research efforts. If you’re looking for a tribe to connect with, this one might be for you.

6. Forum Health

Based on the importance of patient advocacy and being granted proper care, this Lyme forum calls attention to how to engage with physicians. Here, you can find tips on what to do if your doctor is dismissing your symptoms, if you’ve had false negative test results, ineffective treatments, and more. The goal is to help you feel confident about seeking answers in these kinds of scenarios.

With a range of community-based Lyme forums and centralized information sites, you have the ability to feel supported and well-informed about your illness. Because you are your greatest health advocate.

Nikki Noorian

Superbloom Contributor
Nikki Noorian is passionate about making people feel their best inside and out through sharing stories. She loves exploring the beauty and wellness space to learn and share tips, tricks, and helpful routines. When not working, she can be found enjoying the peaceful buzz of her local cafe and spending Saturdays in the park with friends.
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